Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Magical Miko Hands

This week has been pretty tiring thus far, due to various things at work. Hopefully it'll slow down over the next two days so I'm not too exhausted when the weekend comes.

I finished Capcom's Irregular Hunter X (AKA Mega Man Maverick Hunter X) recently. The game was a very huge enjoyment for me and brought back a ton of nostalgia from when I played the original Rockman X as a child (when I couldn't get very far in it) and again as a teenager (when I finally managed to clear it, along with its various sequels). Despite being a remake, the dev team decided to throw the old pros a few loops here and there, mostly by changing the locations of certain power ups. I was surprised, but I rolled with the punches, and now I'm quite glad that they took the trouble to do something like that without making thinks too much harder. I also greatly enjoyed the Vava (Vile) Mode, in which the player assumes the role of a recurring boss with a unique array of weapons and feel a bit sad that nobody ever decided to take that mode's gameplay and design a whole game around it. I'm certain it'd be a blast to play.

It's been awhile since I talked about toys, hasn't it? Partly because I haven't been writing posts much lately, and partly because I haven't really been buying toys all that often. Here we have some stuff I bought with a bit of my tax return check for this year:

  • Tomoe Mami is my favorite character from last year's Magical Girl Madoka Magica, here rendered as a figure in Maxfactory's always superb Figma line.
  • Hakurei Reimu is the main character of the Touhou Project games, and the playable character I use most when (feebly attempting to) play said games. This figure of her comes from Liquid Stone, and is part of their Mameshiki line, which as far as I know, consists only of Touhou Project characters rendered in adorable super deformed glory.
  • The last item is a set of specially made high-detail hand parts for my 1/144-scale "remastered" Buster Gundam plastic model kit. As my favorite of the five Gundam units from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, I couldn't pass up the chance to give my kit just a little bit more detail, even if I'm not confident enough to go around painting it like other modelers do.

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